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Simon samuda about Samuda » Samudra God of the ocean Sanskrit..sutra

Diane Steigleder Ek about Steigleder » Steigleder means "Climb Ladder" (ladder climber)

Jenny Luxi about Luxy » Woher kommt der nachname “luxi“

Urs Rickenbach about Rickenbach » Nach der Reformation und den folgenden Glaubenskriegen in der Schweiz sind die protestantischen Einwohner aus den katholischen Orten geflohen. So auch aus dem Dorf Rickenbach, oberhalb dem Kantonshauptort Schwyz. Eine Familie flüchtete bis an den Untersee im Kanton Thurgau. In Salenstein haben sie sich niedergelassen und das Bürgerrecht erhalten. Und wurden Rickenbach genannt.

Elisabeth Asimus about Asimus » 1658 finden sich in Voitelsbrunn/Südmähren (heute Tschechei) die Namen Athanasi oder Athanasius als Vorläufer des Namens Asimus. Aus: Liebes Voitelsbrunn; Holzer, Otto; Hrsg. Otto Holzer und Anton Asimus; Verlag Hans Memminger, Freiberg/N.,1981

Hans Vorraber about Vorraber » Der Name könnte bedeuten: „Der vor der Raab wohnende“. Meine Vorfahren stammen aus Passail und dort ist der Name sehr stark vertreten.

Tricia Roy about Roy » In Anglo-Norman England, the name derived from the Anglo Norman-French word roy, meaning "king". (Le Roi in French means "The King"). Roy also appears in Scottish Gaelic, anglicized from the word ruadh, meaning "red".

Chrysoula Bouachrine about Chrysoula » chrysoula signifie je crois: mon petit trésor en grec.

Philip Luca Edert about Edert » Ich heiße auch Edert

Krzysztof Grzebieluch about Grzebieluch » Two theories for this mamę meaning.1:a tribe called after the bird living on the islands on the swampy areas, called on Poland grzebiołuszka. 2.contains 2words-grzebać-too bury, lach(Lech,luch-slavic,Polish tribes called on the east)

Michael about Vitkay » There is a village in north-east Hungary, called VITKA The Vitkay family were landowners in that area. Vitkay is a titled family with coat of arms Family history goes back 1325.

Hans about Goralik » Der Name leitet sich aus den Bewohnern des Berggebietes der Goralen(Polen) ab. Ein aus dieser Gegend stammender Mensch heißt Goralik

Pamira about Pamira » It comes from the Pamir Mountains. It means summit, roof of the world.

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Maria Isabelle Leddwon about Vilka » Das ist auch ein zazaische und armenische Vorname .Vilko ist mein Spitzname und bedeutet 'Blümchen,kleine Knospe' Hauptwort ist Vilik und bedeutet 'Blume ,Knospe'.Ich bin vom Ost Anatolien und bin halb Zaza und halb Armenierin.

Maria Isabelle Leddwon about Vilka » Das ist eine Zazaische und Armenische Vorname und bedeutet "Blume,Knospe".Mein Spitzname ist auch so.

Jolien Agache about Agache » De naam komt uit Frankrijk. Het betekend ekster.

Mehryar si about Mehryar » this is a persian name for both male and female(but mostly used for boys) which means the one who is beloved by the sun, the suns lover or a kind human

Schlabitz about Schlabitz » Name einer Stadt in Schlesien

Vietze about Vietze » Vietze ist eine Koseform zum Namen Vincenc

ronald gantu about Gantu » en peru cual es el origen de nuestro apellido gantu

Kajsa Skarped about Skarped » Min morfar tog namnet Skarped åt sina 4 barn efter Skarped socken utanför Grythyttan

Amy Stadie about Stadie » Der Name Stadie kommt von "Gestade" und bedeutet "kleine Stadt am Ufer" oder kleine Stadt am Hafen". Heute noch sagen die Finnen "mennen Stadi", was bedeutet "ich gehe nach Helsinki".

Melany about Zhuzhingo » DE PIEL MORENA O OSCURA

Szalom Lew Korbman about Korbman » Meaning of the name. "The man with the crate": the peddler that used to travel from one shteitl to the next with his small assortment of goods and wares in a crate.

jennyrose laniohan about Laniohan » what is the meaning of laniohan

Dominik Spiegelhalter about Spiegelhalter » I'm living in Hungary

Friedrich Schuchter about Schuchter » Schuchter ist die alte Bezeichnung für Schuster (Handwerk)

Sorin Ioan Lungoci about Lungoci » Sehr geehrter Damen und Herren ich will wissen wie weit in der Vergangenheit dieser Name, also Meiner Lungoci Sorin - Ioan.

Nicole about Roude » Mi apellido me lo puso mi papá y no me gustó porque no se es el significado ni se q significa

Filali bouziane about Filali » كوميدي .. و مدير تصوير ..

Jay Voland about Voland » Urban dictionary...will tell you more meanings of the word voland

Charlie Kluckhuhn about Kluckhuhn » A name originating from Germany having something to do with chickens

Lutrico about Reddy » Kommt von Sizilien

Segeth about Seget » Ein Dorf in Ungarn schreibt sich genau so

Peter McIlwaine about Mcilwaine » Re meaning of name (Irish language MacGiollabhain) can be translated as "son of the white/fair/blonde slave/servant/gillie/lad"

Sherwan about Sherwan » اسم كردي ومعناه راعي الأسود

Melvin Teir about Teir » I think it comes from my Great grandmother

mubariz about Nargiz » you have a mistake. Nargiz name does not connect to armenia.

Cinnamon about Shnorhokian » It means "Grace" in Armenian.

Lindsay Fiedorowicz about Fiedorowicz » a lot of the names listed match my family tree. Im trying to learn more! please reach out to me my email is

Igor Habibovic about Habibovic » Aus Deutschland Vater aus sjenina

Josette Zammit née Tanti about Tanti » Tanti is a Maltese surname...used in this country for at least these 200 years. In Italian Tanti means many.

Ramteid about Aksakal » Aksakal bedeutet "Weißbart" und ist ein kirgisisches und kasachisches Wort

Manfred Bortfeld about Bortfeld » "Bort" bedeutet Anhebung verbunden mit einem umgebenden flachen Feld

Cerno about Hikade » Ancient name of German origin, contains the old words "heyen" = guard and "kade" (also "kate", "gade") = house with one room. Imperative name, meaning "guard the house!"

Brakstad about Taraldsen » Norwegian name, but very old. From Norwegian

ionescu about Cognard » doresc date despre Henri Congnard care a dat în sec al XIX lea primele informații despre Vulcanii Noroioși din Policiori Județul Buzău

maslaniec about Maslaniec » high population in the usa chicago area

alvino about Alvino » molim objašnjej

Josef Brieler about Brieler » Brielle, eine Gemeinde bei Rotterdam in den Niederlanden könnte der Ursprung des Namens sein.

Rune Nesher about Nesher » Nesher is Hebrew and means eagle.I am the rosemaler that has painted most rosemaling in the world.

Sharha about Sharha » My name meaning is Flower. Its turkish language word.

Yücel Homan about Homan » evtl. eine Ableitung von der rechten Hand des ägyptischen Großkönigs Ra "Hamen"

Gotteland about Ayrald » Vous pouvez vous référer à l histoire hagiologique du diocèse de Maurienne du chanoine Trichet 1867

lionel nymphius about Nimphius » Lionel Nymphius

Kring Demetrio about Kring » In a small part of Mindanao in the Philippines, it vaguely means unusual, whimsical or capricious.

Derksen about Derksen » Derksen bedeutet ( sen ) = Sohn von Derk ( Vorname ) Sohn von Derk = Derksen. Die Abhandlung ist genau wie in den nordischen Ländern ( Johanson = Sohn von Johan )

Marsanna about Marsanna » Why am I not represented from Canada? I’ve had this name for 47 years

zacarias sadang liwanagan about Sadang » my grand father is apolonio sadang ,and believed that our roots came from indonesia.

Ursula Stelz about Przyklenk » Mein Opa war Johann Przklenk.Sein Opa kam aus der Ukraine.Mein Uropa kam aus Schlesien

Gayflor Arku about Arku » The name Arku is mostly used by the Lorna tribe as a surname in Liberia. People of this tribe reside in the northern part of Liberia called Life county.

bernard lacrouts about Lacrouts » This name means 'la croix' and it was given to People Who live near a cross. Its original is in the Béarn (south west of france).

smadja gilles about Smadja » deux hypothèses: smadia est une ville d'espagne que les juifs ont fui pendant l'inquisition.en tunisien be chma jah signifie venu des cieux.à confirmer

Maud Medves about Medves » Is these names jewish?

Klera about Klera » It’s a version of Clair, Claire, Clare, Clara, Klara

Tony Middlemist about Middlemist » Last name: Middlemist. Recorded in several spellings as shown below, this surname is of Scottish origins. It is locational and the first charters refers to 'lie Middlemestlands in villa et territori de Calco' near to the town of Kelso, in the famous Border region. The meaning is obscure.

Patricia about Pazera » I was told by my grandfather that the literal translation is "near the water"

Benjamin Gruchlik about Raybo » Gruchlik ist aus dem schlesischen Sprachgebrauch und bedeutet Lump oder jemand der sich nicht benehmen kann. Ich will wissen wie der Name entstanden ist

brad about Zarinsky » in addition---alec zarin had brother sam uncle sams kids were cousin jack my dads name also jack so cousin jack clled my dad john cousin jack was a ver nice gentleman and really resembled my dad and my grandfather alec cousin jack was a pharmacist his sister my cousin Martha was also really very nice kind hearted she married Eugene Jacobs--cousin Eugene he always joked about having hugarian legs very skinny he had to wear support sox my grandpa and Eugene were both tailors my I had a younger brother who had a brown eye and a blue eye cousin Martha also had a brown eye and a blue eye as my grandpa alec and cousin marthas dad were brothers I would say that trait is on the zarin side. I do not know too much about the zarins but I really like being one. I wish I knew what happened to all of my grandfathers brothers being litvaks most likely they never spoke to each other again for some reason or insult as that trait seems to run in our blood.

Agazirce about Adae » Nous avons prénommé notre fille Adaé en partant du prénom Ada.

Richard malmed about Malmed » Malmed is a corruption of the term melamed meaning a man who teaches the boys in the ashkenazic areas

Viken Manoukian about Viken » what i know is that Viken is an armenian first name.

sebastian about Ailan » me gustaría saber el significado del apellido Ailán

Cizek about Cizek » Cizek = little yellow bird/ Finch

Josef Brieler about Brieler » Der Name könnte auf die Gemeinde Brielle bei Rotterdam zurückzuführen sein.

Nicole Krautwald about Krautwald » Krautwald means Cabbage forrest

Müller about Mueller » Hi, origin of Mueller is the German Müller, but this side does not like the "Ü". The meaning is Miller the owner of a mill

Michèle Esther laporte about Gabizon » gabizon: habitant de la ville de GABIZON près de VALLADOLID ESPAGNE

Marc De Clerck about Declerck » meaning to me is fairly simple. In English, it translates as Clerk in Dutch it is the same,Klerk, a person who does clerical work