Statistics and meaning of name Anthony

Usage: 88% firstname, 12% surname.
Anthony first name was found 830787 times in 55 different countries.
Surname Anthony is used at least 105482 times in at least 49 countries.
Origin of this name is Latin.
Gender of firstname Anthony is 0% feminine and 100% masculine.
Name written with Chinese letters: 安东尼 (pinyin: Ān dōng ní)

      Surname Anthony
Given names
John Anthony (56)
David Anthony (48)
Robert Anthony (44)
Michael Anthony (38)
Paul Anthony (33)
James Anthony (33)
Christopher Anthony (27)
Mark Anthony (26)
George Anthony (24)
Richard Anthony (20)
Jennifer Anthony (18)
Joseph Anthony (18)
Gerald Anthony (17)
Elizabeth Anthony (15)
Jean Anthony (15)
Gordon Anthony (15)
Stephen Anthony (14)
Laura Anthony (14)
Kevin Anthony (13)
Brian Anthony (13)
Carol Anthony (13)
Mary Anthony (13)
Julie Anthony (13)
Chris Anthony (13)
Claire Anthony (13)
Susan Anthony (13)
Helen Anthony (13)
Colin Anthony (12)
Dean Anthony (12)
Rachel Anthony (12)
Harvey Anthony (12)
William Anthony (12)
Catherine Anthony (12)
Donald Anthony (12)
Adam Anthony (12)
Daniel Anthony (12)
Edward Anthony (12)
Eric Anthony (12)
Thomas Anthony (11)
Patricia Anthony (11)
Ann Anthony (11)
Anne Anthony (11)
Andrew Anthony (11)
Gary Anthony (10)
Amanda Anthony (10)
Raymond Anthony (10)
Alison Anthony (10)
Emma Anthony (10)
Christine Anthony (10)
Jason Anthony (9)
Dave Anthony (9)
Cecil Anthony (9)
Leslie Anthony (9)
Karen Anthony (9)
Terry Anthony (9)
Dorothy Anthony (9)
Ray Anthony (9)
Amy Anthony (9)
Charles Anthony (9)
Angela Anthony (9)
Kim Anthony (9)
Lawrence Anthony (8)
Martin Anthony (8)
Alfred Anthony (8)
Pierre Anthony (8)
Ken Anthony (8)
Ian Anthony (8)
Kenneth Anthony (8)
Francis Anthony (8)
Jack Anthony (8)
Sarah Anthony (8)
Stephanie Anthony (8)
Douglas Anthony (8)
Roy Anthony (8)
Garfield Anthony (8)
Walter Anthony (8)
Carl Anthony (8)
Lee Anthony (8)
Matthew Anthony (8)
Tony Anthony (8)
Lisa Anthony (7)
Gail Anthony (7)
Ronald Anthony (7)
Peter Anthony (7)
Craig Anthony (7)
Janice Anthony (7)
Keith Anthony (7)
Greg Anthony (7)
Lloyd Anthony (7)
Mike Anthony (7)
Doug Anthony (7)
Roger Anthony (7)
Adrian Anthony (7)
Steve Anthony (7)
Bruce Anthony (7)
Don Anthony (7)
Diane Anthony (7)
Margaret Anthony (7)
Steven Anthony (7)
Wayne Anthony (7)
Michelle Anthony (7)
Joanne Anthony (7)
Aaron Anthony (6)
Doris Anthony (6)
Lewis Anthony (6)
Nicole Anthony (6)
Simon Anthony (6)
Marie Anthony (6)
Nigel Anthony (6)
Alexander Anthony (6)
Jane Anthony (6)
Caroline Anthony (6)
Anna Anthony (6)
Alan Anthony (6)
Russell Anthony (6)
Linda Anthony (6)
Darren Anthony (6)
Ron Anthony (5)
Maria Anthony (5)
Joan Anthony (5)
Harry Anthony (5)
Judy Anthony (5)
Doreen Anthony (5)
Henry Anthony (5)
Albert Anthony (5)
Garry Anthony (5)
Alice Anthony (5)
Francois Anthony (5)
Janet Anthony (5)
Nelson Anthony (5)
Carole Anthony (5)
Vincent Anthony (5)
Louise Anthony (5)
Rene Anthony (5)
Deborah Anthony (5)
Ryan Anthony (5)
Abimbola Anthony (5)
Patrick Anthony (5)
Debra Anthony (5)
Frank Anthony (5)
Derrick Anthony (5)
Graham Anthony (5)
Jonathan Anthony (5)
Pia Anthony (5)
Austin Anthony (4)
Phil Anthony (4)
Jackie Anthony (4)
Hanne Anthony (4)
Regina Anthony (4)
Emily Anthony (4)
Ivan Anthony (4)
Barry Anthony (4)
Philip Anthony (4)
Ivy Anthony (4)
Pat Anthony (4)
Janette Anthony (4)
Tine Anthony (4)
Dianne Anthony (4)
Millie Anthony (4)
Perry Anthony (4)
Adele Anthony (4)
Gerard Anthony (4)
Abigail Anthony (4)
Abraham Anthony (4)
Irene Anthony (4)
Fabrice Anthony (4)
Florence Anthony (4)
Emyr Anthony (4)
Glen Anthony (4)
Jessica Anthony (4)
Joyce Anthony (4)
Christina Anthony (4)
Kay Anthony (4)
Cheryl Anthony (4)
Tim Anthony (4)
Suzanne Anthony (4)
Sandra Anthony (4)
Jill Anthony (4)
Michel Anthony (4)
Arthur Anthony (4)
Sharon Anthony (4)
Shirley Anthony (4)
Danielle Anthony (4)
Jacqueline Anthony (4)
Bradley Anthony (4)
Donna Anthony (4)
Paula Anthony (4)
Brenda Anthony (4)
Noel Anthony (4)
Ruth Anthony (4)
Clifford Anthony (4)
Jorgen Anthony (4)
Winston Anthony (4)
Norma Anthony (4)
Gregory Anthony (4)
Megan Anthony (4)
Leo Anthony (3)
Darryl Anthony (3)
Kathleen Anthony (3)
Erik Anthony (3)

Given name Anthony
Family names
Anthony Smith (71)
Anthony David (58)
Anthony Bernard (58)
Anthony Brown (50)
Anthony Blanchard (43)
Anthony Jones (37)
Anthony Allen (36)
Anthony Andre (34)
Anthony Benoit (32)
Anthony Walsh (30)
Anthony Adams (29)
Anthony Bennett (28)
Anthony Power (28)
Anthony Bertrand (27)
Anthony Murphy (27)
Anthony Lee (27)
Anthony Bonnet (27)
Anthony Baker (27)
Anthony Davis (27)
Anthony Chevalier (27)
Anthony Baron (26)
Anthony Charles (26)
Anthony Brunet (26)
Anthony Martin (26)
Anthony Arnaud (26)
Anthony Lewis (25)
Anthony Black (25)
Anthony Ball (24)
Anthony Taylor (24)
Anthony Anderson (24)
Anthony Bell (24)
Anthony Armstrong (24)
Anthony Aubert (24)
Anthony Clement (24)
Anthony Bailey (23)
Anthony Bradley (23)
Anthony Andrews (22)
Anthony Clarke (22)
Anthony Berger (22)
Anthony Barrett (22)
Anthony Brun (21)
Anthony Barbier (21)
Anthony Blake (21)
Anthony Johnson (21)
Anthony Williams (21)
Anthony Boyer (21)
Anthony Atkinson (20)
Anthony Austin (20)
Anthony Carpentier (20)
Anthony Chan (20)
Anthony Colin (20)
Anthony White (19)
Anthony Wong (19)
Anthony King (19)
Anthony Barry (19)
Anthony Albert (19)
Anthony Robinson (19)
Anthony Aubry (18)
Anthony Barker (18)
Anthony Besnard (18)
Anthony Collins (18)
Anthony Allain (18)
Anthony Carre (18)
Anthony Brooks (18)
Anthony Barnes (17)
Anthony Barre (17)
Anthony Beck (17)
Anthony Evans (17)
Anthony Daniel (17)
Anthony Caron (17)
Anthony George (17)
Anthony Charrier (17)
Anthony Kelly (17)
Anthony Denis (16)
Anthony Barr (16)
Anthony Harris (16)
Anthony Brennan (16)
Anthony Cousin (16)
Anthony Baldwin (16)
Anthony Barton (16)
Anthony Thompson (16)
Anthony Cook (16)
Anthony Thomas (16)
Anthony Bird (16)
Anthony Alexander (16)
Anthony Arnold (16)
Anthony Bourgeois (15)
Anthony Breton (15)
Anthony Bates (15)
Anthony Best (15)
Anthony Barnett (15)
Anthony Hill (15)
Anthony Drouet (15)
Anthony Byrne (15)
Anthony Ryan (15)
Anthony Morris (15)
Anthony Bentley (15)
Anthony Diaz (15)
Anthony Auger (15)
Anthony Briand (15)
Anthony Moore (15)
Anthony Brady (15)
Anthony Clark (15)
Anthony Blanc (15)
Anthony Boyle (15)
Anthony Borg (15)
Anthony Miller (14)
Anthony Carter (14)
Anthony Mitchell (14)
Anthony Birch (14)
Anthony Cooper (14)
Anthony Barbosa (14)
Anthony Alves (14)
Anthony Bruno (14)
Anthony Ross (14)
Anthony Bodin (14)
Anthony Hynes (13)
Anthony Wood (13)
Anthony Berthelot (13)
Anthony Booth (13)
Anthony Boutin (13)
Anthony Bryan (13)
Anthony Brewer (13)
Anthony Francis (13)
Anthony Bazin (13)
Anthony Ashton (13)
Anthony Kennedy (13)
Anthony Deschamps (13)
Anthony Young (13)
Anthony Bond (13)
Anthony Wright (13)
Anthony Barber (13)
Anthony Devaux (13)
Anthony Bruneau (13)
Anthony Doyle (13)
Anthony Elliott (12)
Anthony Britton (12)
Anthony Carlier (12)
Anthony Edwards (12)
Anthony Coste (12)
Anthony Arthur (12)
Anthony Blandin (12)
Anthony Gray (12)
Anthony Briggs (12)
Anthony Stewart (12)
Anthony Fitzgerald (12)
Anthony Reardon (12)
Anthony Scott (12)
Anthony Adam (12)
Anthony Blin (12)
Anthony Cox (12)
Anthony Leonard (12)
Anthony Bolton (12)
Anthony Green (12)
Anthony Browne (12)
Anthony Snow (11)
Anthony Bradshaw (11)
Anthony Caillaud (11)
Anthony Foster (11)
Anthony Bartlett (11)
Anthony Delaunay (11)
Anthony Hunter (11)
Anthony Alexandre (11)
Anthony Day (11)
Anthony Blondel (11)
Anthony Lam (11)
Anthony Burton (11)
Anthony Bourdon (11)
Anthony Buckley (11)
Anthony Brookes (11)
Anthony Blackburn (11)
Anthony Amato (11)
Anthony Henry (11)
Anthony Bonneau (11)
Anthony Bonnin (11)
Anthony Abbott (11)
Anthony Conte (11)
Anthony Bigot (11)
Anthony Colas (11)
Anthony Payne (11)
Anthony Reid (11)
Anthony Barthelemy (11)
Anthony Turner (11)
Anthony Russell (11)
Anthony Cordier (11)
Anthony Baxter (11)
Anthony Gallant (11)
Anthony Peters (11)
Anthony McDonald (11)
Anthony Sutton (11)
Anthony Blot (11)
Anthony Quinn (11)
Anthony Bertin (11)
Anthony Aubin (11)
Anthony Vella (11)
Anthony Jackson (10)
Anthony Belcher (10)
Anthony Bataille (10)
Anthony Sheppard (10)
Anthony Boucher (10)

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Anthony reversed is Ynohtna
Name contains 7 letters - 42.86% vowels and 57.14% consonants.

Anagrams: Atnyhno Honaynt Ntyhnoa Oythann Ynnotha Hnaytno
Misspells: Onthony Anthoni Anthonya Atnhony Anthoyn Anthnoy

Rhymes: cacophony euphony phony polyphony symphony telephony agony fantasy vanity atrophy balcony

Meaning of name Anthony is: N/A

anthony chavarria says: i do like this website because it tells you aboutyour name and when it was made
jay marie says: Hi im jay marie florig gultiano im 14 yrs.old I school in Quezon bukidnon, philippines.
Anthony Dernellis says: The History of the Dernellis Family The members of the Dernellis family, mainly settled on Lesvos island, Greece, since late medieval period, are possibly the only and rare descendants of Dernell Canmore, Princess of Scotland (1215 - 1238). Princess Dernell was born in 1215 in Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland and died in 1238 in Dounke Temple, Scotland. Her father was the famous Alexander of Scotland (1198 - 1249) and her mother Isabella, Countess of Atholl (1190 - 1236). In 1236, the Princess was married to Sir Alexander Hoo (1166 - 1241), usually referred as "Knight Hoo". The marriage ceremony was held in Hereford, Herefordshire, England. Though, Sir Alexander died on Rhodes island, Greece, after only 5 years after the marriage during the 7th Crusade. Till then, he had managed to establish his castle and headquarters on Lesvos island, move his wife (Princess Dernell) and their son Roger over there and begin his sallies all over the Aegean Sea, using his strong fleet. Death met him early during a naval battle near Rhodes island. Princess Dernell and Sir Alexander's only child, Roger Hoo (1240 - 1339) lived long enough - died at the age of 99 years - to travel all around Europe. He had essentially not ever forsaken the family castle in Lesvos as he and his mother, Princess Dernell, not only refurbished it but also built it on. It seems that both Princess Dernell and her son Roger were very beloved by the locals who used to call Roger "the Dernell's son". From their side, the Princess and her son, as well as his children seem that were very generous to the islanders of Lesvos. And this is my ancestors story in short. I may respectfully confess that I am proud for them. I am proud to be a member of the Dernellis family.

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Old Wiki
Name: Anthony
Gender: Masculine
Location: Europe
Language: English
Thematic: History
Meaning: Unknown (see Comments), but since the Roman family from whose name Anthony derives was one of the most important families in ancient Rome, one might suggest, for those who insist on a meaning, "high-ranking". Historically, it certainly makes more sense than the fictitious meanings of Anthony typically found on baby-name websites, such as "priceless", "inestimable", "incomparable",
"praiseworthy" or "beyond praise".
Comments: The name Anthony is the usual English form of the Latin given name Antonius, previously a Roman family name of unknown Etruscan origin. Since the Renaissance this name has been commonly (but incorrectly) associated with Greek ανθος (anthos) "flower", which resulted in the addition of the h in the 17th century. It has also been associated (equally incorrectly) with the name of Anthonios, king of Achaia in Greece. A notable bearer of the Roman name was Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius), the general who ruled the Roman Empire jointly with Augustus for a short time. When their relationship turned sour, he and his mistress Cleopatra were attacked and forced to commit suicide. Shakespeare's tragedy 'Antony and Cleopatra' is based on them. Mark Antony had claimed to be descended from Anton, a son of the mythological hero Hercules, but this Anton, who had never been heard of before, was an obvious fiction created by Mark Antony himself for political purposes, since in ancient Rome one of the ideological battlegrounds was divine descent. Other famous bearers of the name include the 3rd-century Saint Anthony the Abbot, a hermit from Egypt who founded monasticism, and the 13th-century Saint Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of Portugal. A less common but more correct English form of Antonius is Antony, which is the form used by Shakespeare.

Famous people: Anthony Trollope, Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob , Anthony Minghella, Anthony Kiedis, Anthony Asquith, Anthony Mundine

Writers: Anthony, Anthony Anthony, Anthony Liddicoat, Anthony Mezzacappa, Anthony Alment, ANTHONY MAJANLAHTI, Anthony Jack, ANTHONY GAYTON, Anthony Coote, Anthony Luke, Anthony Buick, Anthony Monti, Anthony Rotetori, Anthony Nott, Anthony Hopkinson, Anthony Bloor, Anthony Olmsted, Anthony Ambrogio, Anthony Sivers

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